Smarthome P01 - Tseri


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The SMARTHOME P 01 project consists of three (3) detached houses located at Achilleos Street Tseri, in a newly developed and quiet area, 20 minutes away from the city center of Nicosia. The houses have easy and convenient access to the highway of Nicosia- Limassol.

The specifications of the houses are to a high standart and including the use of special insulation bricks and other materials for great energy saving. The houses are distinguished by the excellent quality of construction and attention to “detail”. Those who choose to become owners of one of the SMARTHOME® houses, at the same time they choose the high standards of modern architecture and quality of construction that Vita Cyprus Ltd adheres to.

It is worth noting that the architectural design for the project P01 is based on the first project (7 detached houses at Tseri), which was completed with great success. Several improvements to the original design were made, so that customer satisfaction will be much higher.

Map & Address

Address: 1,3,5 Achilleos Street, Tseri, Cyprus


Photos: Development

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